My Podcast Interview on The Real Estate InvestHER Show

When I was invited to be a guest on The Real Estate InvestHER Show I was so excited I couldn’t concentrate for a few days….now that the episode is live, I feel humbled for the opportunity to tell our story and why we became real estate investors. Check it out:


“In order to be successful in flipping and renovating homes as a woman, you need to have grace but also have the ability to be the hammer as well.”

Why We Became General Contractors

The people that know me well, know that I am unable to stay put. This is how we (Phil and I) became General Contractors. We had been flipping homes on Long Island and loving it, so much so, that our project photos for our real estate listings absolutely showed how much we enjoyed our work. A friend of ours called and asked if we could remodel her ugly bathroom after seeing our pictures on social media and we said: sure! We thought it was going to be a one off project; make some quick money to pay some of our bills, have fun and move on to our next flip. But as soon as the project was underway we realized how we could help other homeowners and investors with their remodels using our experience flipping homes and leveraging our network of sub contractors to get the best deal for our clients... in this case our friend. This is how our construction company was born. And this is another way as real estate investors, we are able to create another stream of income.

Some people may argue that as investors we are creating another job and not really investing. Yes, there are ways to make passive income in real estate by buying and holding properties, that would be consider the nature of real estate investing some will say, but we don’t see this as a “job” or a burden. We enjoy it so much, we actually feel joy. Also consider that as fix and flip investors you can make big profits if your numbers are right! Every flip can make you tens of thousands of dollars every few months if you do it right. What it comes down to is choosing the right investing model and making it work for you.

We will continue to fix and flip properties on Long Island and plan to acquire a couple of rental properties in the next few months. And as GC’s we plan on continuing to grow our brand and experience by helping more investors and home owners with their remodeling needs.

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